Blocked Drains Tunbridge Wells

Don’t suffer the problems that come from blocked drains in Tunbridge Wells and reach out to the experts for help. If detected early enough and taken care of quickly, blocked drains are generally quite simple to deal with and fix. Our company is a Tunbridge Wells based team of experts that works with all the latest equipment, so we can see what the problems are being caused by in the drainpipe almost immediately. 24 Hour Emergency Services will then work with the most appropriate methods in order to dispose of the problem and get your systems back to optimal working capacity. Our qualified professional pipe unblocking service is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with all your drain issues around the Tunbridge Wells area. We can be reached 24 hours a day on 01892 269056.



Please note, if your enquiry is an emergency, please contact us by telephone


CCTV Surveys

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CCTV Surveys in Tunbridge Wells

Unblocking clogged drains might not immediately sound like the kind of business where you would expect to see the most recent advances in high tech gadgets, but you might be surprised when you enlist our help. By using flexible fibre optic camera systems that are fed into the drains, 24 Hour Emergency Services will be able to see exactly what is causing the blockage. These efficient digital cameras are long and thin, so they have the ability to easily go down into the drains and navigate bends.

When the Tunbridge Wells CCTV Surveys for blocked drains are fed into the system, the images that come back are then analysed by a supremely skilled operator who can at that point describe to you what is happening and what has created the blockage in the first place. If you have a blocked drainpipe and would like one of our reliable team members to come out and fix it for you, contact us on 01892 269056.

Drain Relining

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Drain Relining Tunbridge Wells

Any type of damage to an underground drainage pipeline can be a hassle to deal with because the issue can quickly escalate. Not long ago, the most traditional remedy would most likely have been to dig up the portion of weakened pipe and change it with an all new piece.

This process is definitely not essential because new advances in technology mean that our expert team members are able to use a drain re-liner to create a brand new drain inside the existing one without having to dig anything up and disrupt your community unnecessarily.

Tree roots that grow below the ground can occasionally get into the pipes and drains, which can cause those pipes to split up and begin leaking. Our accredited staff will make use of our fibre optic CCTV to locate and identify this problem. We are then ready to use our specialist remotely operated cutting tools to get rid of the roots.

The following stage is to ensure there is no debris left within the drain that may create an obstruction or cause additional damage. As a last step, we will begin to process of Tunbridge Wells drain relining to prevent any more water seeping out.

Have you noticed recently begun to notice an awful smell in your house or perhaps in your backyard area? Do you think you might have a clogged drain or one that needs repair? Reach out to the most accredited experts in Tunbridge Wells absolutely any time on 01892 269056.

Outside Drains

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Outside Drains Tunbridge Wells

The most efficient approach when it comes to reducing the chances of your outside drains in Tunbridge Wells getting blocked up is staying one step ahead of the game by being proactive. Because it is not always you putting things down the drains yourself, it’s important to keep an eye on the surroundings instead.

Strong gusts of wind can cause the shrubs to detach. Tree leaves will also come down effortlessly. This is on top of the little branches and twigs that are also regularly blown into the system. When the rain washes all these things into the Tunbridge Wells outside drains, blockages are known to occur.

We have found that the most effective approach to prevent a build-up of leaves and debris is to simply get rid of them from the garden on a regular basis. When you brush them up and clean up your gutter system, you will be able to prevent unseen build-ups.

When you sweep up your leaves and debris, just add them to a garden compost pile. This is a great way of reclaiming them in order to help with your back garden in the future. Also remember to always pick up plastic bags should they be blown into your yard as these are one of the main culprits when it comes to clogging in Tunbridge Wells.

Pitch Fibre Drains

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Pitch Fibre Drains Tunbridge Wells

Tunbridge Wells pitched fibre drains were an affordable alternative choice of drainpipe that was very popular all through the 1970s up until the late 1980s until they were phased out. Unfortunately, these types of drains only have a life expectancy of 40 years which is quite low when compared to the clay alternatives.

A very large number of these affordable drainpipes are now failing. When they do fail, they cause all kinds of issues for the households and business premises that still rely on them. This is where our team of experts comes in.

These types of pitch fibre drains in Tunbridge Wells were manufactured from wood cellulose and coal tar residue instead of the more durable clay materials. Because plastics were not nearly as advanced as they are nowadays, they were not used at the time.

Because these pitch fibre drains in Tunbridge Wells were generally made from wood pulp and coal tar, they were much cheaper to make than the standard options which is why numerous developers and homeowners used them at the time.

When the pitched fibre drains break down, they normally do this in two different ways. The first one is that the weight of the ground above them presses them out of shape and they end up being oval as opposed to round. This altered shape can easily result in severe blockages as waste cannot pass through properly.

Additionally, leaking water attracts tree roots that will penetrate the cracked walls of the pitched fibre drains and cause them to block the pipes up. When the coal tar innards come away from the pipe, it leaves exposed areas that are no longer waterproof. Then the water begins to leak through and into the surrounding earth.

Waste Drain Blockage

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Waste Drain Blockage Tunbridge Wells

When experiencing a problem with waste drain blockage in Tunbridge Wells, one of the first signs is the water in your sink, bath, shower or toilet not draining away properly and standing there for much longer that it is supposed to.

A waste drain blockage in your sewer or the drains that leave your property can be a bad issue. Not only do you need to deal with the smell, which is obviously not pleasant, there is also the problem that your sinks may not drain. This leaves dirty water standing, which not only makes the smell worse but might also cause a spillover.

When you are dealing with a waste drain blockage in Tunbridge Wells, there is the concern that the high pressure increase in the sewer and pipe could eventually lead to it breaking. In case the waste drainpipe does crack, then the dirty sewage water leaks out. If the leak is bad enough, this can overflow onto your bathroom floor, into your backyard and other living spaces.

Be one step ahead to prevent the highly unpleasant situation of a toilet turning into the problem of a flooded bathroom or backyard! Get in contact with our knowledgeable contractors who are on call 24 hours a day on 01892 269056.

What Causes a Blocked Drain?

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What Can Trigger A Blocked Drain?

There are several ways that you drainage system can become blocked up over time. For example, baby nappies, young children’s toys and sanitary towels are all flushed down toilets on a regular basis despite warning that they really should not. Doing this a few times can easily trigger the drainpipes to clog up.

There are two main varieties of drainpipes that our team deals with:

  • Outside Drainpipes
  • Indoors drainpipes (including bathroom, toilet, kitchen)

More often than not, it is nearby trees that will trigger the outside drains in Tunbridge Wells to become clogged up. This happens when the leaves, twigs and other debris come together and prevent things from successfully passing through.

When it comes to indoor drainpipes, people using too much toilet paper and flushing it down the toilet can easily cause blockages. This is doubly true for sanitary towels if they are put into the toilet which is why we always advise against this.

Kitchen sinks and drains also get obstructed. This is not a pleasant situation for the homeowner because the kitchen sink will not drain away properly and a very unpleasant smell will permeate the living space.

In case you have an obstructed drain either inside or outside your house, give the specialist drainpipe unblockers in Tunbridge Wells a call on 01892 269056 – we are here to help!

24 Hour Emergency Services

“Thank you for getting to Cambridge Street so quickly, your team did a great job of unblocking the drains”

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Carol Wallace, Customer in Tunbridge Wells

24 Hour Emergency Services

"Your team provided a fantastic service down Elm Grove when the drains at the top of the cul-de-sac became blocked"

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“I am really happy with the work your team did down Blythe Road and I’ll definitely recommend your services to others”

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"My home is at the bottom of a slope on Madeira Park so blocked drains cause flooding on my property but your team fixed the issue quickly before it could get worse"

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"Thank you for quickly fixing the blocked drain down Upper Road that caused my garden and driveway to flood"

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"I know Norfolk Road can be difficult to work down due to all the parked cars but your team managed to unblock the drains with minimal disruption"

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Michael James , Customer in Kent




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